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Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

Some Bicycle Safety Videos and PSA's on the Web

Summary: Here are the bike safety videos and PSA's on the Web that you can download. If you find others, please email us. The newest are on YouTube, but some of them are terrible. We have another page with classroom quality DVDs, some that we can send you free.

DOT Videos

  • DOT's Bicycle Safer Journey: a 2014 upgrade of videos, curricula, lesson plans, quizzes, and just about everything you need for classroom instruction of basic bicycle safety, including helmets. Spanish materials included. Links to other sites for more curricula. Not a helmet-specific site, but by far the best thing DOT has ever produced. We can send you the videos on disk if downloading from YouTube doesn't work for you.

  • Four older videos online from DOT. (We can also send them to you on DVD.)

    • Ride Smart - It's Time to Start
      One of the best free videos anybody has produced for "tweens" from about 8 to 12. Preaching, but all done by kids. Damaged helmets, jello and egg smashes, good fitting instructions and brief rules of the road. Eight minutes if you ignore the end credits. Online as a WMV file.

    • Bike Safe - Bike Smart. This one covers bicycle safety. Hosted by Celine Yeager. Covers bike types, helmet and fit, lights, bright clothing, bike check, regulations, extensive rules of the road and riding techniques including night riding tips. Reviews rules at the end. All kids, diverse cast. Online as a WMV file. Seven minutes.

    • Bicycle Safety Tips for Adults Covers choosing the right bike, safety equipment, pre-ride safety checks and rules of the road. Eight minutes. Online as a WMV file.

    • Fitting a Bike Helmet. Has a crash scene, some brief bad advice on old standards, and good step by step instructions on fit. Four minutes. Online as a WMV file.
    • Ajuste del casco de bicicleta.
      The bike fitting video above in Spanish.
    Email us if you need videos on DVD. The Web versions are low resolution.

  • Helmet Fitting Cartoon One of the few videos in cartoon format, with helmet advice and fitting instructions. Probably good for six to eight year olds. Well done, by the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

  • The League of American Bicyclists has a series of short videos on various topics. We were not that impressed with the helmet fitting video.

  • CPSC Video Clip The Consumer Product Safety Commission has done a video clip of their helmet lab testing. We have info on the video clip.

  • The Brain Injury Association of Minnesota has a full-blown video PSA in .mpg file format called "Bully." It's a big file (9 megs). A bully rides alongside a kid, harassing him about his sissy helmet. The bully is not paying attention to where he is going, and he suddenly collides with a board sticking out the back of a truck parked in a driveway. It is quite a shock, and most viewers will not realize that the bully got hit mostly in the face with the board, and a normal bike helmet would not have protected his face anyway.

  • The Connecticut Children's Medical Center has this PSA from Super Safe Comics. If you need a copy for local use, please contact Kevin Borrup, Senior Program Manager, Injury Prevention Center, Connecticut Children's Medical Center at Kborrup@ccmckids.org

  • The Bike Month site has a number of PSAs about Bike Month and safe cycling.

  • NHTSA: Bicycle Helmet Fit available on YouTube. A lighter treatment of how to fit a helmet, intended for kids.

  • NHTSA: Chug Bike Safety Video a large download from the DOT site. Animated train engines talk about bike safety and direct kids to a Disney site. One of the best pieces of advice: "Make sure an adult is watching you." Nice graphics, but needs a better script.


  • YouTube has lots of videos and you can start with this search on bike helmet. New ones appear every day, and we don't keep up with them. Here are a few of them:

  • Put Your Helmet On Rap video with puppets.

  • NHTSA: Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults.

  • Edmonton safety cartoon videos cover sharrows, bike boxes, left turns, more.

  • Cub Scout Bike Safety Video

  • Kids, don't ever get on a bicycle . . . without a helmet.

  • "Keep Your Helmet On" Rap PSA and others by the Oversat Crew.

  • Berkeley Bicycle Boulevard

  • Painting Sharrows

  • Steal this Bike

    Others on YouTube

    YouTube is a dynamic site, and the last time we looked there were more than 65 videos posted there that we don't know about. We recommend that you do a search there for more. We have seen at least one "how to" helmet fit video where the host's helmet has a very loose strap, so you have to watch carefully. In that one, all the helmets are from the same manufacturer, too.

    And more from other sources:

  • How to fit your helmet From the Madison, Wisconsin program.

  • Bike Safely From the Madison, Wisconsin program. Safety rules for riding on sidewalks and riding on city streets.

  • Michigan State's page on bikes, including their video on safe campus biking.

  • Share The Road PSA's.

  • Share the Road: Same Road, Same Rules, Same Rights. From the League of Illinois Bicyclists, designed to be shown to car drivers to prepare them for how they should react to cyclists.

  • Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Educational Video

  • Perils For Pedestrians

  • Chinese promotion video (mostly in English) David Scott is a teacher at Jiangnan University in Wuxi. He has launched a helmet initiative, beginning with his students. He has produced this well-done video to promote helmets there. Two young men apply for a job. They seem to have equal qualifications, so the hiring managers are undecided . . until they cycle away and one of them puts on a helmet. "We know which one has the brains."

  • Safe Routes to School videos

  • Snell Memorial Foundation lab test procedures

    More on StreetFilms

    StreetFilms has short films about bicycling and pedestrian issues. We did not find any helmet videos when we looked, but there were lots of others.

    Let us know if you find anything really good!

    This page was last revised on: May 2, 2014.

    Contact us.

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