Lesson 4:

Parents' Instructions

Intersections Background

Thirty percent of all automobile-bicycle collisions involving children under 15 occur when a child rides through a stop sign or stop light without yielding to crossing traffic.

Parent/Child Activity


At stop signs, stop lights and other controlled intersections, you should stop, look left, look right, look left again, look back in the direction of traffic, listen and make sure it is clear of traffic before crossing. If traffic is approaching, wait until it has cleared and initiate the look sequence again. Keep looking as you go through the intersection.


Review the "rules of the road" regarding stop signs and stop lights. Then, take your children to a controlled intersection and practice crossing safely. Explain that when riding in a group, each bicyclist must stop and make sure it is clear of traffic before crossing. Teach your young children to walk their bikes through busy intersections. Remind them that it is the law to obey traffic signals even when no one appears to be coming. Most importantly, set a good example by following the "rules of the road" yourself when you are driving and riding a bike.

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