Parents' Letter


Main Street School PTA
123 Main Street
Wheaton, IL 60187

March 1, 1997

Dear Parents:

As part of our school's bicycle safety program, we are conducting The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo. This Rodeo is a simple and fun activity that will help you teach your child some of the most important bicycle safety lessons. The rodeo consists of five simple lessons. You will receive one lesson each week over the next five weeks. each lesson should take you and your child approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Each lesson includes:

  1. Parents' Instructions: Directions for completing the particular lesson

  2. Lesson Background: Information/background statistics which describe the importance of the lesson

  3. Parent/Child Activity: To teach and practice with your child

  4. Activity Grades K-3 or 4-6: For your child to complete, reinforcing the lesson

Attached you will find the Ride Safe Rodeo Round-Up form. Each time your child completes a lesson, sign and date the form. When all five lessons have been completed, send the form back to school. All students who complete The Ride Safe Take Home Rodeo and return their Rodeo Round-Up Form by Monday, April 11 will receive an Award Certificate on Friday, April 15.

Last year over 500,000 emergency room visits were attributed to bicycle related accidents. Over 1000 people die each year while riding their bicycles, with over 600 being children under the age of 14. Most of these accidents were not accidents at all but rather were PREVENTABLE INCIDENTS. If the five simple lessons reviewed in The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo had been followed, many of these injuries and deaths may have been prevented.

We hope that you will take the time to participate in The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo. Realistically, we are not going to change our children's riding habits with a series of quick lessons over the course of a month. But if we continue to reinforce the lessons each time our children ride and insist that they use safe riding techniques, we will be laying the groundwork for safe riding and driving their entire lives.


Mary Jones
PTA Health and Safety

© Copyright 1996, Ride Safe, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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