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"30% of car/bike collisions involving kids under 15 occur when children swerve unexpectedly into the path of a faster moving vehicle."

Steps to conducting The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo

Step 1: Enlist Help

The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo is very simple to conduct. The take home lessons are designed for you to copy directly from this guide. You may elect to solicit the help of a few people to assist you with copying and distributing these lessons.

Step 2: Define a Rodeo Schedule

You decide how and when to conduct the Take Home Rodeo. A suggested time frame from start to finish is six weeks. We have found it is most effective to send home the lessons one at a time. Participation is greater when parents are not overwhelmed with too much information at once.

Coordinate the timing of the rodeo with other bicycle safety activities you are conducting. For example, if you are conducting a poster contest, conduct the rodeo first; so the children will already have learned some valuable bicycle safety lessons.

Step 3: Send Home Parents' Letter

Send home the Parents' Letter, with the Ride Safe Bicycle Rodeo Round-Up form, to explain the purpose and mechanics of the Take Home Rodeo. A sample letter is included in the HELPFUL RESOURCES section of this guide. Be sure to include the dates of your program, due dates for the Rodeo Round-Up form and date of the Awards Ceremony.

Step 4: Send Home Rodeo Lessons

Send home the Rodeo Lessons one at a time, allowing about one week for each lesson to be completed. This allows families enough time to practice and reinforce the lessons. Parents should sign the Rodeo Round-Up form as each lesson is completed. After all five lessons are completed, the parent should return the Rodeo Round-Up form to school. All students returning a completed Rodeo Round-Up Form will receive an "Award Certificate". You may also want to send home the Parents' Tips page: Children and Traffic.

Step 5: Award Certificates

Certificates can be awarded in whatever way is most effective for you. You may simply distribute them in the classrooms or award the certificates during a school assembly. Include the names of students that have completed the rodeo in school memos or post them on the school bulletin board. You may want to expand the program to include additional prizes for the students that complete the program.

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